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Ryan Thompson, J.D.

Ryan Thompson, J.D., joined TNG as an Affiliated Consultant in 2020. Before entering private practice, Ryan was the Director for Equity & Inclusion, Title IX Coordinator and Civil Rights Officer at Niagara University. During his seven-year tenure at the University, Ryan was also a writing professor and the assistant general counsel.

Ryan has handled hundreds of cases, reports and investigations. He has worked directly with the U.S. Office for Civil Rights (OCR) on Title IX matters, and, for the 1,600+ schools who have United Educators (UE) Insurance, Ryan is one of the select few sexual misconduct investigators to be pre-approved by UE, triggering the $10,000 reimbursement benefit per qualified case.

In addition to serving on the ATIXA Publications Committee, Ryan also leads a task force that is working with U.S. Congress to introduce federal legislation that would prevent sex discrimination in student loan repayments.

Prior to entering into higher education, Ryan was an investigative journalist, newspaper editor and litigator in New York City and Boston. He has conducted hundreds of interviews in his career, and has maintained an objective and analytical approach that is focused on fact-gathering.

In addition to conducting Title IX and misconduct investigations, Ryan provides counsel and consulting services to schools throughout the process or on individual cases. Ryan also serves as a hearing officer, panel member or hearing facilitator as well.

Ryan is licensed to practice law in New York State, but conducts investigations and works with institutions throughout the United States. He graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 2004, and from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in journalism, minor in biology, in 1999.