Proven Solutions for Safer Schools and Workplaces

TNG consultants are experienced and available to serve your school or campus as third-party neutral decision-makers (panelists) in hearings on sexual misconduct, discrimination, and other conduct code violations by students or employees.

Together with our hearing advisor service and our external investigation service, TNG offers a full suite of external, neutral, objective, and impartial support for your Title IX and other resolution proceedings.

Typically, TNG does not perform all three roles (advisors, investigators, hearing decision-makers) for a client in any one case, though our broad network of allied firms allows us to help schools and colleges to outsource all roles, if needed, including appeal officers.

The TNG Hearing Decision-Maker service offers our clients a single Decision-maker option, or a three-member outsourced panel if that format is preferred. With virtual hearings common now, outsourcing the whole panel is much more affordable. We can also Chair your hearing in a three-member panel format where a TNG expert serves as the voting Chair.

We’ve recently run several demonstration hearings for clients under the new 2020 Title IX regulations, and it is clear that the role of Chair is the second-most pivotal position (after the Title IX Coordinator) on the Title IX Team. The role of Chair is complex, under high-pressure, and requires the expertise of not just someone who knows the regulations, but is also a seasoned hearing manager, evidence expert, and sexual misconduct subject matter expert. The role also requires someone with an even-keeled temperament who is up to the task of refereeing and managing what will often be warring attorney-advisors (with extensive litigation experience) on opposites sides of cases.

The flat-fee for this service includes:

  • Review of client policies and procedures
  • Two hours of procedures training with the client (if desired) for our TPN decision-maker, to ensure their familiarity with your procedures
  • No substantive training is needed; our TPNs are subject matter and policy experts
  • Review of the investigation report
  • Management of all pre-hearing substantive evidence review
  • Liaison with the parties, advisors, Title IX coordinator, legal counsel, and any hearing case manager/facilitator
  • Pre-hearing rulings as necessary
  • Preparation of questions/pre-hearing preparation with panelists
  • Technology dry-run to ensure the virtual hearing will run smoothly
  • Virtual attendance at the hearing
  • Managing all questioning and evidentiary rulings at the hearing
  • Managing advisors and minimizing the adversarial tone of the live hearing
  • Conducting deliberation
  • Making a finding (using the applicable standard of proof)
  • Coordinating with sanctioning authorities to determine any applicable sanctions
  • Writing a substantive decision letter of outcome, including recommended remedies
  • Review of decision letter with Title IX, student conduct, general counsel, etc.
  • Delivering the outcome to the parties (if needed)
  • Providing any input on any an appeal of the determination, as needed

The TNG Hearing Decision-Maker service is available case-by-case as you have need, but is most cost-effective through our annual retainer agreement. For more information, please contact Kate Halligan at 610-579-3725 or