Proven Solutions for Safer Schools and Workplaces

Over the last 18 years, The NCHERM Group has had the privilege to serve as consultants to more than 100 public and private preK-12 schools and districts. Here is a summary of the ways that we have been able to offer effective risk management services in the primary and secondary environment:


  • Drafting sexual misconduct policies and procedures for charter schools
  • Investigation of sexual misconduct and other offenses in private primary, secondary, and charter schools
  • Design of safety and prevention programming curricula for public school districts
  • Crisis management and incident response consultation for private schools
  • Development of bullying and related policies and procedures
  • First Amendment advice and consultation
  • Primary prevention education and direct programming
  • Legal representation of school districts
  • Expert witness defense of school districts and private schools
  • Investigation of teacher/student relationships in public high schools
  • Climate assessments
  • Restorative justice training and program implementation
  • Classroom management training for teachers
  • Mandated reporter training for teachers
  • Investigator training for preK-12 district investigators
  • Title IX Coordinator Training and Certification