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Campuses across the country are using TNG to assure compliance before the government auditors find gaps in your programs.  Spending some time and money now will save you serious time and money in the long-run.  TNG has developed a comprehensive Title IX Comprehensive Compliance Assessment using our 40-page proprietary Title IX Compliance Assessment Tool and our unique compliance process that blends on-site assessment with thorough off-site document/policy review that can be informed by focus groups, climate surveys and stakeholder interviews.  Our assessment and compliance services — performed by the most knowledgeable Title IX experts in the country — give you a system of failsafes, checks and balances to ensure that your campus is Title IX compliant across all relevant departments and areas, today and going forward.

TNG's Title IX Assessment and Compliance Service can include some or all of the following (and please let us know how we can customize the service for you):

  • A comprehensive assessment of Title IX compliance;
  • A comprehensive assessment of Section 504 (Rehabilitation Act) compliance;
  • An assessment of compliance with relevant state laws (crime reporting and non-discrimination);
  • An assessment of the campus EEO program;
  • Formulation of a unified (one policy, one process for all students/faculty/employees) discrimination grievance process;
  • Comprehensive training on foundations, advocacy, intake, investigation, hearings and appeals.

Comprehensive Packages

Depending on the scope of the assessment, the size of the institution and the volume of documents to be reviewed, packages are custom-quoted at between 4 and 15 days of consulting time, and can include between 1-3 NCHERM consultants, in rotation or in combination.  We also have the ability to create custom programs to match budget targets and campus needs.  For pricing, please contact Kate Halligan, Vice President of Client Relations at (610) 579-3725 or Email  Allow us to customize an assessment and compliance package for you today.


On-site assessment is accomplished:

  • By interviewing key stakeholders;
  • By conducting focus groups and a climate assessment;
  • By document review; and
  • By selective case post-mortem analysis.


Following the on-site assessment, TNG delivers as attorney-client privileged work product:

  • Document revision to assure compliance and best practices for all relevant policies, procedures and support materials using the Word Reviewing function;
  • A comprehensive report, department-by-department and area-by-area of compliance with Title IX and Section 504, and proficiency of EEO programs, noting all areas of deficiency and providing ameliorative advice, suggestions and solutions;
  • A structural, resource and staffing needs assessment for all areas covered by the assessment;
  • 1-5 days of training per client specification.  Can include:
    • Sexual harassment training (faculty, students, staff)
    • Prevention
    • Response
    • Investigation
    • Hearing Boards
    • Appeals officers
    • Intake
    • Advocacy
    • Law Enforcement
    • Broad civil rights/discrimination training

Overview Assessment

  • All relevant policies and procedures, handbooks and support documents
  • Student Conduct
  • HR
  • Office of the Title IX Coordinator
  • Executive Cabinet and Officers
  • Housing and Residential Life
  • Admissions
  • Career Services
  • Athletics
  • Disability Services
  • Counseling Service
  • Health Service
  • Study Abroad/International Programs
  • All Academic Colleges
  • Summer Camp Programs
  • Externship and Internship Placement/Co-op Program
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Prevention Programs
  • Orientation
  • ROTC
  • Campus Law Enforcement

Tentative Assessment Agenda

This tentative agenda is quoted for an eight-day, multi-consultant assessment program, but is only given as an example.


1 hour — Goal-setting and orientation to Title IX for President, Cabinet, Executive Administrators and/or Board of Trustees

4 hours — stakeholder meeting with EEO/Title IX/Section 504 Coordinator

1 hour — stakeholder meeting with admissions

1 hour — stakeholder meeting with career services


4 hours — stakeholder meeting with student affairs

2 hours — stakeholder meeting with residential life

1 hour — stakeholder meeting with ROTC


Focus groups (various constituencies)

Design and implementation of climate survey


2 hours — stakeholder meetings with academic colleges

1 hour — stakeholder meeting with counseling services

1 hour — stakeholder meeting with health services/victim advocacy

1 hour — stakeholder meeting with prevention, orientation and peer education staff

2 hours — stakeholder meeting with campus law enforcement


Consultant 1:  6 hours — stakeholder meeting with athletics

Consultant 2:  6 hours — stakeholder meeting with disability services and other relevant disability-related programs

Consultant 3:  3 hours — stakeholder meeting with HR

1 hour — stakeholder meeting with International Programs/Study Abroad

1 hour — stakeholder meeting with Externship/Internship/Co-op Programs

1 hour — stakeholder meeting with summer camp coordinators

1-2 hours — wrap up with EEO (all consultants)


Review of all documents (10 hours estimated)

Revision of policies, procedures and related materials (20 hours estimated)

Drafting of comprehensive report of assessment (20-30 hours estimated)

Post-mortem selective case review (3-6 hours estimated)


3 hours — training on assessment implementation

4 hours — Title IX training


7 hours — training on investigation and hearing board training


7 hours — three consultant rotation to train all departments on sexual harassment, reporting duties, response and intervention strategies

If you would be interested in learning more about the assessment service, please contact Kate Halligan, Vice President of Client Relations or call (610) 579-3725.