Proven Solutions for Safer Schools and Workplaces

TNG, LLC, will provide an on-site visit (number of days varies based on the depth of the review) to review campus safety and security practices, policies, procedures, structures and mechanisms.

TNG will:

  • Conduct stakeholder meetings with relevant campus personnel;
  • Review Clery Act and Title IX compliance relative to safety and security;
    • Includes record spot-check
    • Includes review of areas needed to prep for upcoming Campus SaVE Act compliance
  • Assess behavioral intervention and threat assessment needs and capacities;
    • Assess data access, management and records retention for pattern detection
  • Assess emergency management and crisis response protocols;
  • Assess fire safety federal legal compliance;
  • Assess missing persons federal legal compliance;
  • Assess campus training and preparedness;
  • Tour campus facilities at all relevant sites;
  • Conduct "secret shopper" attempts to test security parameters in place;
  • Conduct surveys and/or focus groups with relevant campus constituencies, to amass and assess subjective feedback and perceptions of safety/security;
  • Assess needs for MOUs and reporting protocols with local law enforcement;
  • Review emergency and timely warning protocols and mechanisms.


  • Oral summary of findings on site, presented at the end of the visit;
  • Comprehensive written report of findings, identifying strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for policy, procedure, protocol and practice revisions, with model language and resources offered where applicable.
  • Written Clery Act compliance review.

For more information contact Kate Halligan, Vice President of Client Relations, at or (610) 579-3725.