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Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Compliance Reviews

Is Your Campus Compliant with the DFSCA for 2020?

2020 is a DFSCA Biennium.  Every two years, we're required to update our Drug Free Schools and Communities Act compliance with an internal review, self-study and update of the disclosures in our DFSCA report. Are you behind schedule?

Is your report on file, ready for inspection by the Department of Education?  If not, let the experts at TNG perform an external review and get you to compliance by the end of 2020.  In addition to our compliance templates, TNG can provide the surveys and programmatic language your campus will need to be sure your alcohol and drug programs satisfy the requirements of the law. Our cost-effective consultation can be done from off-site, quickly, saving you time and money.

Help minimize the risk of mistakes and ensure compliance by taking advantage of TNG's Expert DFSCA Compliance Review.  You know you are in good hands with a TNG expert on the job. As the Department of Education ratchets up accountability and enforcement, now is the time to help ensure your compliance and avoid exposure to costly, distracting and embarrassing government inquiries.

What does a TNG Expert DFSCA Compliance Review provide?

Once you sign up for a TNG Review, a TNG expert will:

  • Perform a prompt and thorough off-site written review of your report, making comments, suggestions and asking questions as needed. Or TNG can furnish a template for you to create a report if you have not done so previously, and then will review it (this review can often be privileged by the attorney-client relationship);
  • Review the second draft of your report, once the recommendations from TNG have been incorporated and your most recent two-year information has been included;
  • Review institutional policies, procedures and data as needed for students and employees;
  • Assure the disclosures on local, state and federal drug and alcohol laws and consequences are accurate;
  • Be available to speak with an institutional representative, to answer questions as needed to complete the report on-time and in final, compliant form;
  • Offer guidance and insight as to how to improve the report and/or better comply with the Department of Education's requirements.

Benefits of TNG's Expert DFSCA Compliance Review

Why choose TNG for your review? Most lawyers don't even know what the DFSCA is.  Our experts have been doing compliance reviews for campuses for more than a decade.  Our experts have more than 80 years of combined campus federal regulatory compliance experience, and the unparalleled perspective informed by working with thousands of colleges and universities.

Purchase your Compliance Review Today

Reviews must be completed by December 31, 2020, so don't wait! Click here to purchase your DFSCA Compliance Review, and a TNG staff member will be in touch. Let TNG help your campus today.

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For more information on DFSCA reviews and to learn how to schedule your campus review, contact Kate Halligan, Vice President of Client Relations, at and 610-579-3725.