Proven Solutions for Safer Schools and Workplaces

Level One — Off-Site Review = $10,000

Review of Annual Security Report, statistical reporting, timely warnings and crime logs. A red-lined review of all materials is provided, along with a brief summary of findings, and recommendations for improvement and compliance with the Clery Act and VAWA Section 304.

Level Two — On-Site Review with Spot Records Checks and VAWA Section 304 Assessment = $18,500

Includes the services of level one, plus one day on-site to spot check records in housing, campus safety and student conduct for reporting accuracy, as well as an on-site assessment of reporting and its efficacy.

Level Three — Comprehensive On-Site Assessment and Training = $40,000 - $50,000

Includes the services of levels one and two, as well as 2-3 additional on-site days and a comprehensive written report of compliance. With two additional on-site days, we perform a comprehensive records check on all statistical reports, as well as conducting trainings for all campus security authorities. With an additional day, we assess the primary prevention, awareness and risk reduction program the campus has in place for sexual violence, stalking, dating and domestic violence to assure its compliance with the SaVE Act's mandates, and make recommendations for program expansion, refinement and revision.

Contact Kate Halligan at (610) 579-3725 for more information on our Clery Compliance Assessment.