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Title IX - Past, Present, and Future

LENGTH: This Keynote is typically presented in a 90-minute format, plus Q&A with the audience, but can be customized to any duration needed.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: All-college keynote, large auditorium format.  


Where have we been, where are we now, and where are we going with the evolution of the country's foremost educational gender equity law?  This Keynote traces the 45-year trajectory in a riveting account of Title IX's successes, missteps, politics, and controversies. Presented by any of TNG's partners, this Keynote is perfect to frame conversations around gender equity on college campuses, and to reinvigorate those conversations in a time where the future of Title IX is uncertain.

Fortunately, the partners of TNG have decades of frontlines expertise in Title IX that puts them in the catbird seat on the evolution of the statute, its accomplishments, periods of dormancy, and activism. They are able to trace that history and evolution in a captivating talk that brings you into the frontlines of Title IX's efficacy and struggles. This speech will take the audience on a journey from the earliest discussions of drafting Title IX, to how it came to be signed by President Nixon, and its first forays in helping women in academia to begin to put a dent in the glass ceiling. They'll trace the pathways that Title IX opened for women in athletics, how Title IX came to have a private right of action through the Cannon case, and the ways that Title IX came to be extended by the courts in cases like Franklin v. Gwinett, Davis v. Monroe County, Kelly v. Yale, Brzonkala v. Virginia Tech, Jackson v. Birmingham, and Simpson v. Colorado. The speech is neither technical nor legalistic, but brings these cases to life through the experiences and courage of the litigants. 

The speech will take you behind the scenes with perspectives on the infighting between Congress and the Supreme Court over how far Title IX should reach, to the details of Title IX's most fervent period of flourishing under the careful watch of former Vice President Biden, as backstories and inside stories of Title IX will be revealed. The period of 2011-2017 was critical to extending Title IX to reach behaviors including sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking. Are those days over, or merely a harbinger of what is ahead? How will Title IX protect those who are pregnant and parenting, those who are trans or transitioning, and those who experience sexual orientation discrimination? Only by understanding Title IX's past can we accurately assess its trajectory into the future. Is Title IX dead under Trump, and if not, where are the areas that Title IX has continued relevance? 

Today, the ethics of sex have become a left/right political hot potato, but the intersections of Title IX and #MeToo are only just starting to be felt. How has Title IX led this shift, and how will #MeToo impact the future of Title IX, in turn? How can your college be prepared as the next evolution of Title IX unfolds at the crossroads of our sexual politics? This Keynote is the perfect format to explore these issues and questions.

An opportunity for Q&A will the audience will round out this journey of exploration of Title IX, past, present, and future.

For more information, please contact Kate Halligan, Vice President of Client Relations, at 610-579-3725.