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Title IX Matters: Past, Present, and Future

LENGTH: This Keynote is typically presented in a 90-minute format, plus Q&A with the audience, but can be customized to any duration needed.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: All-college keynote, large auditorium format.  

Title IX has a storied 48 year history, but may see more changes in 2020 than at any other time in its history. The Department of Education announced that new regulations will be issued in 2020, the first revisions since 1975. College and school communities are understandably anxious. What will these changes bring? Will the results be positive, negative, or some mix of both? How will colleges continue to serve survivors of sexual harassment and assault while effectively balancing the due process rights of those accused that will soon become law?

Title IX stands at the intersection of our societal sexual politics. The sexual left and sexual right are at war, and Title IX has become a proxy in this fight. What happens when an important federal civil rights law becomes a political football and tool of those who deprioritize sex and gender equity in educational programs? LGBTQ+ rights are on the line in the Supreme Court right now. What will the effect of their decision in October be on Title IX, campus rights, and policies?

The Title IX experts at TNG and ATIXA have longitudinal views and deep insights on where Title IX has been, where it is now, and its future trajectory. In this All-College Keynote (1 hour, plus 30 minute Q&A with audience), your keynote speaker will trace the history of Title IX, sharing compelling anecdotes about its passage, proponents, opponents, and evolution.

How did Title IX transform from a law about educational access to the broad protections related to sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, intimate partner violence, pregnancy, athletics, and LGBTQ+ rights that it provides as today? What are the roles of Congress, the courts, schools, and administrative agencies in the unfolding of Title IX? How can Title IX address cutting edge issues like misgendering, hazing, bullying, and sexting? Your keynote speaker will bring deep and insightful answers to these questions while also engaging your audience on their own questions.

The Keynote will then introduce the 2020 Title IX Regulations, and the tumult and massive changes they are likely to bring to most college campuses. From details regarding OCR’s new policy of reduced enforcement to the specifics of live hearings, cross-examination, and the way evidence is handled in very sensitive cases, the speech will outline the ways the new regulations will benefit colleges, students, and employees, and also examine the ways the changes may create barriers, deprive access, and undermine the very reasons that Title IX exists.

The Keynote will conclude with a call to action and offer concrete suggestions for ways that colleges can maximize the beneficial effects of the new rules while minimizing their potential negative repercussions.

The 2020 changes are coming. Some colleges will let them happen, radically change policies and procedures, and then inform their communities. But, others prefer to proactively inform their communities now that paradigm-shifting changes are coming, and invite the community into dialogue about the best ways to navigate forward collectively. This Keynote is a perfect way for colleges to open and deepen that dialogue for the community, minimize the shock some of the changes will provoke, and elevate the discourse around some of the most pressing issues facing colleges today – sex and gender equity.

Let’s schedule your Keynote today, with a speaker from ATIXA/TNG whose expert knowledge of the history and details of Title IX can provide a valuable and engaging platform for important conversation for your college or university community.

For more information, please contact Kate Halligan, Vice President of Client Relations, at 610-579-3725.