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Case Law Made Simple: For the Non-lawyer Administrator (and Lawyers, too!)

We can all agree that the courts have become more directive to college and university administrators, and that litigation is driving our practices, at a level exceeding any other time in history.

How do we keep up? How can we interpret the cases and implement their lessons? How do we stay on top of what seems like a weekly deluge of new cases? TNG is here to help.

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Perhaps more than any other function we provide, higher education has come to trust TNG for our ability to teach and operationalize the case law for lawyer and non-lawyer administrators alike. We break the cases down, grasp their essence, and teach key takeaways that should influence your decision-making, policies, procedures, and practices.

This approach has guided TNG for over 20 years and has allowed us to guide you and the field on evolving practices, often getting you out ahead of key rulings, preparing you before new legal standards take effect, and helping you avoid the liability that has impacted peer institutions.

Without a collected, centralized source for interpretation of litigation, you have had to find your information – and the time to review multiple lengthy court decisions each week – piecemeal. Now, TNG has a one-stop resource for case law impacting on your role. Everything you need. In one place. From one trusted source: the TNG Campuses and the Courts monthly newsletter.

TNG will find and digest the cases for you, interpret them, and offer summaries to you in an easily understood format. You’ll stay up-to-date, have the information you need at your fingertips, and have a single, reliable, succinct source for the content that informs your practices.


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