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TNG/ATIXA One Policy, One Process Model


TNG/ATIXA Model Policy and Procedure for Civil Rights Equity Grievance Resolution for all Faculty, Students and Employees

TNG and ATIXA have developed an approach called the One Policy, One Process Model permitting all discrimination complaints (age, race, sex, gender, nationality, etc.) to be resolved using one institution-wide policy, and one stand-alone resolution process, applied to all complaints involving faculty, students and staff. Visit the One Policy, One Process site to learn more.


The ATIXA Playbook: Best Practices for the Post-Regulatory Era

ATIXA Playbook Electronic Version Cover

The ATIXA Playbook, a 100+ page book developed by nationally-recognized experts and field-leading practitioners as a comprehensive guide to ensure that the resolution of sexual misconduct allegations on college campuses is done right.



NaBITA Book on BIT

Book on BitThis updated version of the Book on BIT contains two main additions in the field of behavioral intervention. The first is a reaction to the OCR standards regarding medical withdrawals.  Following the 2011 removal of "harm to self" from the guidelines, colleges and universities have been forced to be more creative in managing suicidal students on campus. The second update deepens and clarifies research and writings offered in the first version of the Book on BIT.  Building on the seminal work of Scott Lewis and Brett Sokolow on the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool and the NCHERM Risk Rubric and their numerous writings in the field of threat assessment and behavioral intervention, this updated edition includes new research in the field of threat assessment, a more defined and empirically supported risk rubric as well as policy updates and new writings.

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A Guide to Leadership and Management in Higher Education

bvbThis book shares an innovative approach to supervision, leadership, and management in the higher education workplace. Drawing from humanism and positive psychology, Fitch and Van Brunt weave together a compelling narrative for managing employees across generational differences.

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Ending Campus Violence: New Approaches to Prevention

Ending Campus Violence Book CoverThis book will be useful for student affairs professionals as well as college counselors, psychologists, social workers interested in the practical management of aggression and violence on a college campus. It will also be a valuable resource for those involved in creating and running behavioral intervention teams and threat/risk assessment teams.

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Harm to Others: The Assessment and Treatment of Dangerousness


This book offers students and clinicians an effective way to increase their knowledge of and training in violence risk and threat assessment, and it also provides a comprehensive examination of current treatment approaches. Although the text includes many examples from K-12 and college/university settings, which are particularly relevant for mental health professionals in school settings, the underlying concepts and suggestions are useful for counselors, psychologists, and social workers who face these issues in their daily practice.

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The Prevention and Management of Mental Health Emergencies

mental This book offers fifteen engaging and accessible case studies that offer practical guidance for residence life staff, conduct officers, campus law enforcement, faculty and administrators to better manage mental health crisis events on campus.

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A Faculty Guide to Addressing Disruptive and Dangerous Behavior


Grounded in research and theory that addresses the interplay of mental health, substance abuse and aggression that may enter the college classroom, this accessible book serves as a necessary guide for busy faculty members facing challenging situations in their classrooms.

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The NaBITA Journal of Campus Behavioral Intervention


The National Behavioral Intervention Team Association announces the launch of its flagship, peer-reviewed academic journal, The Journal of Campus Behavioral Intervention (J-BIT). J-BIT is a multi-disciplinary journal intended to encourage academic research and scholarship regarding the function, design, operation, and assessment of campus Behavioral Intervention Teams (BITs) at two- and four-year colleges and universities.

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The Assessment of a Behavioral Intervention Team: CORE-Q10

coreThis book identifies 10 core evaluation areas for BITS, gleaned from years of consulting with such teams at hundreds of institutions across the country, providing campus teams a roadmap for self-improvement and a way to demonstrate their value to better advocate for needed resources.

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Peter's Sword


Peter's Sword is a unique, reflective, and often humorous exploration of the power, authority, and suffering encountered when experts and the system attempt to control the chaos that occurs when mental illness and ordered society collide. Written from the perspective of a newly hired expert charged with policing the line between commitment and freedom, Van Brunt invites readers to follow him as he wrestles with the ambiguity of mental illness.

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2017: Due Process and the Sex Police

2016: Creating a Trans-Inclusive Environment Through Policies and Practice 

2016: The Seven Deadly Sins of Title IX Investigations 

2015: The Challenge of Title IX Responses to Campus Relationship and Intimate Partner Violence

2014: Equity is Such a Lonely Word 

2013: The Top Ten Things We Need to Know About Title IX (That the DCL Didn't Tell Us)

2012: Suicidal Students, BITs and the Direct Threat Standard

2011: Deliberately Indifferent: Crafting Equitable and Effective Remedial Processes to Address Campus Sexual Violence

2010: Gamechangers-Reshaping Campus Sexual Misconduct Through Litigation

2009: 2nd Generation Behavioral Intervention Best Practices 

2008: Risk Mitigation Through TNG Behavior Intervention and Threat Assessment Model 

2007: "... Some Kind of Hearing..."

2006: Our Duty OF Care is a Duty TO Care

2005: The Typology of Campus Sexual Misconduct Complaints is out-of-print, see updated ATIXA Playbook: Best Practices for the Post-Regulatory Era and 2017 ATIXA Whitepaper: The ATIXA Rubric for Addressing Campus Sexual Misconduct

2004: Crafting a Code of Conduct for the 21st Century College

2003: It's Not That We Don't Know How to Think, It's That We Lack Dialectical Skills

2002: Complying with the Clery Act: The Advanced Course

2001: Title IX and Sexual Misconduct: What Does Recent Case Law Mean For Institutions In Cases Of Student-on-Student Sexual Assault?



2019: The NaBITA Risk Rubric

2018: The Role of the Counselor on the Behavioral Intervention Team

2017: Addressing Disruptive and Dangerous Behavior

2015Who's on the Team? Mission, Membership and Motivation

2014: The Core-Q10 Checklist: Assessment of a Behavioral Intervention Team

2014: Threat Assessment in the Campus Setting

2012: Case Management in Higher Education

2012: Suicidal Students, BITs and the Direct Threat Standard

2011: Preventing the Preventable

2010: Murder at UVA: Preventing the Preventable

2009: Threat Assessment in the Campus Setting 


NaBITA Mini-Papers

2017: Veterans on Campus: Avoiding and Addressing Mental Health Crises

2016 NaBITA and ACCAPsychiatric Medications and College Counseling

2015: Making the Call: Parental Notification of Suicidal Students

2015: Title IX Meets BITs: Handling Gender-Based Complaints through Campus Collaborations



2018: The ATIXA Guide to Sanctioning Student Sexual Misconduct Violations

2017: The ATIXA Rubric for Addressing Campus Sexual Misconduct

2016: The 7 Deadly Sins of Title IX Investigations

2015: The Challenge of Title IX Responses to Campus Relationship and and Intimate Partner Violence

2014: Equity is Such a Lonely Word

2013: The Top Ten Things We Need to Know about Title IX (that the DCL Didn't Tell Us)



ACPA Student Conduct Board Manual and Reference (2011)



Investigation in a Box

The VAWA Brochure

Title IX and VAWA Section 304 Training Checklist



Conduct Training Videos

Managing Risk Following the Threat Assessment

New Orleans Interviews: Online Threat Assessment Training

Violence Risk Assessment Tabletop Scenarios

Window into BIT

Window into BIT 2.0