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Continuing Certification Credits (CCC)

Have you been certified as a Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, Preventionist or Advocate by ATIXA?  Has your BIT been certified by NaBITA?  Are you considering obtaining these certifications?  Do you benefit from ongoing professional development from TNG?

If so, the CCC program is for you.  We heard your requests to update and renew your certifications online, and we developed our online professional development platform called the Continuing Certification Credit (CCC) program and related Online Training Portal.

How do I earn CCCs?

To begin accruing CCCs, you must first be certified (membership is not required). In order to be certified, you must attend a qualifying certification event. Certification events typically occur either at third-party locations (i.e. hotels) or at campus-sponsored regional trainings where a number of other campuses also attend. Qualifying events are labeled as a "Certification Event" in their event descriptions posted online.  TNG, NaBITA and ATIXA provide at least thirty live training opportunities throughout the year, and we have already certified 7,500 school and college administrators, all of whom are now eligible for updated CCCs. There is no additional cost to participants to enroll in CCC once you are certified.

Once you have been certified by TNG, ATIXA or NaBITA, you can begin accruing CCCs by attending any of our qualifying educational opportunities, either live or online. To maintain your certification, you will need to accrue twelve (12) credits every two years. CCCs expire two years after earning them because the field is ever-changing and the laws, guidance and court decisions necessitate frequent and consistent professional development.

Who can earn CCCs?

CCC allows clients of TNG, including those certified by associations ATIXA and NaBITA, to track, maintain and extend their professional development through our programs. CCCs are a cost-effective way to stay current and maintain your certification from the nation's leader in higher education risk management.

What if I was first certified more than two years ago?

All attendees of our certification events dating back to 2010 were recognized as certified through 2015, as a grace period while we rolled out the CCC program. We now offer frequent and varied events that allow you ease and convenience in meeting your professional development needs going forward.

CCC Events

Opportunities to earn credits typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Trainings
  • Annual conferences
  • Online trainings - Upcoming, Recent, and Archived

Program or event descriptions will clearly note whether CCCs are available for a particular opportunity, and you'll be able to access a list of current offerings on TNG Events page.

PLEASE NOTE: Certification refers to registration at a qualifying event; TNG cannot and does not assure individual attendees’ knowledge, expertise, or command of the material. TNG provides no guarantee that any registrant actually attended a qualifying event, listened to or paid attention to the content, acquired the intended learning outcomes, or is able to apply them. TNG disclaims any responsibility for the professionalism or competence of any particular or individual trainee, and by their attendance, registrants accept and agree that TNG and its trainers are not responsible for the errors, omissions, and/or negligence of registrants or their employers.

Ease of use

We think you'll be impressed with how user-friendly our CCC portal is.  Sign in to track your credits with ease. The software has been designed to give you real-time status, let you know when your certification will be good until, how many credits you need, and how long you have maintained your certification.  Each certification (you may be certified by NaBITA and ATIXA) can be tracked individually, and with an associated institutional account, you may enable a function that allows your employer to track your credits earned status, as well.  In that way, campuses can use the CCC system for mandated employee training, with the automated ability to track employee completion.  You may also open an individual CCC account not tied to your institution, if you prefer.

The advantages of keeping your certification current

Holding a current certification from TNG, ATIXA or NaBITA is a signal to others that you are staying up to date with developments in the field and that your training has been provided by the nation's leading experts. It is a reflection of your commitment to continuing education in an ever-changing field. And, don't discount the value of certification in court.  Already, use of NCHERM Group training and materials have successfully helped to prove reasonable care in litigation.  Best of all, unlike most continuing education credit programs, we do not charge you any additional fees to receive CCCs if you attend our qualifying events. Event registration fees and purchase prices of online trainings still apply, but certification incurs no extra expense.

Please note that CCCs are unique to the growing field of school and college risk management and are issued by TNG, LLC. This program is not accredited by any third-party agency. CCCs are a profession-specific approach to quantifying training and professional development in the higher education risk management field.  Accordingly, CCCs are not directly transferrable to CEUs or CLEs, though we will provide documentation in support of retroactive use of CCCs for such credit, on request.

An additional benefit of the Continuing Certification Credits (CCC) program is that potential employers can contact TNG, ATIXA and NaBITA to confirm an applicant's certification status.

Click here to review Frequently Asked Questions. TNG looks forward to your participation in these opportunities!

For more information, please contact or call 610-993-0229.

TNG, LLC's Continuing Certification Credits (CCC)/Online Training Portal provides a professional service to institutions and individuals. Please note that presenters of and the ideas contained in CCC-eligible trainings for TNG, LLC in performance of these professional services are not providing legal advice. Institutions and individuals should consult their own attorneys before acting upon any advice or suggestions made by TNG's presenters pertaining to CCC-eligible trainings.