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A Spring 2019 Webinar Series from TNG

For years, you’ve had the chance to attend Case Law Update sessions from TNG at conferences around the country. Now, to reach a wider audience, we’re bringing the case law update to you, in the form of a webinar series. As you’ve noticed, litigation against colleges and universities is at a fever-pitch right now. At one level, it’s not a good thing that schools are being sued more often, but we always try to learn from the case law, and the upside is, we’re learning more than ever. You’ve always been able to count on TNG to translate the voice of the courts into practical advice for practitioners, and this webinar series will continue that tradition. You’ll understand the voice of the court, but also benefit from our voices on the best ways to interpret and implement, as the courts become ever more interventionist in administrative practices, policies, and procedures.

Our webinar series kicked off on April 18th, with a two-hour (1:00-3:00pm ET) overview of the top cases from the previous 12 months (recording available for purchase here). We focused on the leading decisions affecting student conduct, due process, Title IX, ADA/504, behavioral intervention, and free speech. This webinar was presented by the four TNG partners, W. Scott Lewis, J.D., Saundra K. Schuster, J.D., Brett A. Sokolow, J.D., and Daniel C. Swinton, J.D., Ed.D.

All webinars are now available for purchase as a recording. 

A written case law summary of all the cases featured in the webinar will also be available for purchase. This electronic document summarizes the key cases of 2018 impacting on higher education in the categories of:

  • Negligence
  • Student Conduct
  • Contract
  • Due Process
  • Fundamental Fairness
  • Title IX
  • ADA/504
  • BIT
  • Discrimination
  • Free Speech/First Amendment

Each case is briefed with a summary of the facts, the holding of the court, the significance and import of the case, an assessment of any conflicting precedents in other jurisdictions, and a set of key takeaways for how the case can/should influence administrative practice.

Following on the introductory webinar, TNG has hosted four hour-long webinars that take a deeper dive into the cases than we could cover in the initial two-hour webinar. These webinars are topical, and are now available for purchase below.

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