Proven Solutions for Safer Schools and Workplaces

TNG is changing lives through proven methods of prevention, education, and training


For 20 years, our firm has consulted with thousands of schools, colleges, workplaces, and organizations to empower them to become safer and healthier communities. Our holistic solutions reduce violence, misconduct, and discrimination through proven methods of education, training, and prevention. TNG's mission is to enhance the safety of schools and workplaces by offering systems-level solutions for eliminating violence, discrimination, and misconduct.


Twenty years ago, our founder Brett A. Sokolow saw that colleges and schools were being impacted by health and safety issues rather than actively shaping the health and safety of their own communities. A disruption was needed, to take control of our own narrative. Since then, TNG has worked with thousands of schools, colleges, organizations, workplaces, and communities to implement proactive, systems-level prevention. The news is full of organizations facing scandal, crisis, litigation, and massive payouts as the result of improper policies, procedures, and practices. But, TNG's clients who have put our proprietary prevention methods in place before a problem has occurred have not faced scandal, crisis, or bad press.

In fact, in the 20 years that we have been implementing our prevention methods, we have never lost a case.