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ARTICLE: Former UCLA Health Gynecologist’s Behavior with Patient Constituted Sexual Assault, Report Finds. Los Angeles Times, December 2019.

ARTICLE: UT Health Services Center Hosts Summit to Improve Campus Mental Health. The Tennessean, December 2019

ARTICLE: How Betsy DeVos Plans to Change the Rules for Handling Sexual Misconduct on Campus. CBS News, November 2019.

ARTICLE: Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct Say Title IX Isn't Working – and Victims Agree. CBS News, November 2019.

ARTICLE: Fired for Violating or Upholding Title IX Law? Inside Higher Ed, November 2019.

ARTICLE: Secret Service Highlights Importance of Student Threat Assessment. Diverse Issues in Higher Education, November 2019.

ARTICLE: For 16 Transgender Hockey Players, a Groundbreaking Weekend. New York Times, November 2019.

NEWS: TNG Announces New Hires. PR Newswire, November 2019.

ARTICLE: Accused on Campus: John Does Push for Right to Cross-Examine. The Christian Science Monitor, October 2019.

ARTICLE: Will Parents of College Students Who Died from Hazing Change Federal Law?, October 2019.

ARTICLE: Another Death at Penn State: Chi Phi Fraternity Suspended After Teen Dies Off Campus. USA Today, October 2019.

ARTICLE: What Happens When Confidentiality in Sexual-Assault Reporting Is No Longer an Option? Chronicle of Higher Education, October 2019.

ARTICLE: Civil Liberties Watchdog FIRE Debuts Due Process, Title IX Tracker., October 2019.

ARTICLE: Court Filing Reveals Statistics on Formal Sexual Misconduct Complaints at SU Over 4 Years. The Daily Orange, October 2019.

ARTICLE: Meet the Meetings Innovators. American Society of Association Executives, October 2019.

ARTICLE: Survey Finds Evidence of Widespread Sexual Violence at 33 Universities. The Washington Post, October 2019.

ARTICLE: Experts: Cases Similar To McCluskey Family Lawsuit Against U Of U Rarely Won, But Raise Awareness. NPR Utah, September 2019.

ARTICLE: TNG Names Derrick M. Johnson, II as Executive Director of NaBITA. PR Newswire, September 2019.

ARTICLE: Counselors, Please Consider Your Own Mental Health Needs. Psychology Today, September 2019.

ARTICLE: New Association Helps Employers Address Harassment, Discrimination Claims. Associations Now, September 2019.

NEWS: Announcing VIIAA: The Title VII Administrators Association. PR Newswire, September 2019.

ARTICLE: Trauma-Informed Dispute. Inside Higher Ed, September 2019.

ARTICLE: ‘Constant Firefighting’: Greek-Life Staffs Are Underpaid and Overworked. Here’s What Some Colleges Are Doing About It. Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2019.

ARTICLE: Title IX Professionals Warn Colleges to be Wary of ‘Trauma-Informed’ Ideology. The College Fix, September 2019.

ARTICLE: Colleges Watching as Michigan State Pays Big Fine in Scandal. Midland-Reporter Telegram. September 2019.

ARTICLE: Life Inside the Title IX Pressure Cooker. Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2019.

ARTICLE: Education Department Hits Michigan State With Record Fine Over Nassar Scandal. NY Times, September 2019.

ARTICLE: ‘What Is Said or Done at the Center.’ Inside Higher Ed, August 2019.

ARTICLE: Study Finds More than Half of Colleges ‘Facially Violate’ Title IX with Women-only Scholarships. The College Fix, August 2019.

ARTICLE: Our Country, Which Art in Panic. Playboy, August 2019.

ARTICLE: Here’s What Happened When Maryland Students Forced Colleges to Confront Sexual Assault. The Baltimore Sun, August 2019.

ARTICLE: 13-Year-Old Jazz Star; Title IX And Women-Only Scholarships. WBUR, August 2019.

ARTICLE: School Safety Bill Advocates for Prevention of Future Tragedies., August 2019.

NEWS: ATIXA Issues Position Statement on Trauma-Informed Training and the Neurobiology of Trauma. PR Newswire, August 2019.

ARTICLE: Women-only STEM College Programs Under Attack for Male Discrimination. LA Times, August 2019.

ARTICLE: Despite #MeToo Era, Most Top Colleges Share Little on Sexual Assaults. The Baltimore Sun, August 2019.

ARTICLE: How Hundreds of Campus #MeToo Punishments Could Get Tossed. The Daily Beast, August 2019.

ARTICLE: Former FBI Profiler Contradicts Trump on Role of Mental Health in Mass Shootings. CBS News, August 2019.

ARTICLE: A Potential Title IX Supreme Court Case? Inside Higher Ed, August 2019.

NEWS: Former FBI Profiler on Mass Shooter Motives. CBS News, August 2019.

ARTICLE: Parents Sue Over Truman State Suicides. Inside Higher Ed, August 2019.

NEWS: Campus Sexual Assault. WOSU, August 2019.

ARTICLE: 2 Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct Seek Class-action Lawsuit Against U of California., August 2019.

ARTICLE: Students Accused of Sexual Harassment Sue California Universities. LA Times, August 2019.

VIDEO: New Details Emerge About Festival Gunman. CBS News, July 2019.

ARTICLE: Purdue Ruling First in Flood of Campus Sex Assault Appeals., July 2019.

ARTICLE: Title IX Policies Have ‘Anti-Male Bias’ and Treat Students Accused of Sexual Assault unfairly, Lawsuit Alleges. Columbia Chronicle, July 2019.

ARTICLE: Suit Seeks to Protect Students Accused of Sexual Assault. Inside Higher Ed, July 2019.

ARTICLE: Former Emporia Prof Says Student Falsely Accused Him of Sexual Harassment: Lawsuit. Kansas City Star, July 2019.

ARTICLE: Prejudicial Police Department? Inside Higher Ed, July 2019.

NEWS: Announcing a New and Important Event from TNG: The Campuses and the Courts Annual Conference - An Update on Higher Education Legislation & Litigation. PR Newswire, July 2019.

ARTICLE: Ex-UMBC Baseball Players, Part of National Trend, Turning Tables on Sexual Assault Accuser in Court. The Baltimore Sun, July 2019.

ARTICLE: ‘Pass the Harasser’ Is Higher Ed’s Worst-Kept Secret. How Can Colleges Stop Doing It? Chronicle of Higher Education, June 2019.

ARTICLE: Making a BIG Leap to Improve School Safety. The Hill, June 2019.

ARTICLE: Constitutional Due Process at Private Institutions? Inside Higher Ed, June 2019.

ARTICLE: Complaint Over Connecticut High School Athletics Transgender Policy Has Merit, Former Federal Prosecutor Says. Hartford Courant, June 2019.

ARTICLE: Since #MeToo, Colleges Crack Down on Romantic Relationships Between Professors and Students. The Inquirer, June 2019.

ARTICLE: Experts Warn Betsy DeVos’s New Title IX Rules Will Lead to Onslaught of Pricey Lawsuits as Feds Take Huge Step Back From Sexual Assault Cases. The 74, June 2019.

ARTICLE: After Campus Protests Against a Local Bakery, Here’s Why a Jury Said Oberlin Must Pay $44 Million. Chronicle of Higher Education, June 2019. (subscription required)

ARTICLE: UCLA Failed to Warn the Public About Gynecologist Accused of Sexual Battery. LA Times, June 2019.

NEWS: ATIXA Expands Its Popular 20-Minutes-To…Trained Series. PR Newswire, June 2019.

ARTICLE: Doctoral Student's Defense Lawyers in Trial of Chinese Scholar's Brutal Death: He Did It. CBS News, June 2019.

ARTICLE: World Cup: Elizabeth Warren Backs USWNT Equal Pay Fight. Fox Business, June 2019.

ARTICLE: UW Finds Star Athlete’s Sexual Assault Allegation Credible, but Athletic Executive Quietly Moved On. Seattle Times, June 2019.

NEWS: Announcing Campuses and the Courts Monthly Newsletter. PR Newswire, June 2019.

ARTICLE: Public Colleges Seek Ways to Pull Up the Welcome Mat for White-Nationalist and Other Extremist Speakers. Chronicle of Higher Education, May 2019. (subscription required)

ARTICLE: Former Student, Fair Game? Inside Higher Ed, May 2019.

ARTICLE: MNPS Failed to Protect Students Despite Knowing of Sex Videos, Judge Says Advancing Lawsuit. Tennessean, May 2019.

ARTICLE: Dragging a President Into Court. Inside Higher Ed, May 2019.

ARTICLE: Johns Hopkins Won Its Battle With Student Activists. But at What Cost? The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 2019.

ARTICLE: UNC Charlotte Pledges Security Review After Campus Shooting. Education Dive, May 2019.

ARTICLE: Special Teams at U.S. Universities Try to Identify Students at Risk of Violence. Reuters, May 2019.

NEWS: TNG Announces the Newly Redesigned Websites of ATIXA, the Association of Title IX Administrators and NaBITA, the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association. PR Newswire, May 2019.

NEWS: NaBITA Announces Newly Revised Objective Risk Rubric for the Assessment of Threats of Violence and Self-harm in School Settings and 2019 Whitepaper, PR Newswire, April 2019.

ARTICLE: How Columbine Gave Rise to Threat Assessment Teams., April 2019.

ARTICLE: Here’s What MSU Got for Paying Elite Firm $6.2 Million to Investigate 170 Sexual Assault Cases. Michigan Radio, April 2019.

ARTICLE: The Florida Teen 'Infatuated' with Columbine and Made Threats as She Went to Colorado is Dead. Action News Now, April 2019.

NEWS: Announcing the 2019 ATIXA West Coast Annual Conference. PR Newswire, April 2019.

NEWS: TNG Names Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D. as Partner. PR Newswire, April 2019.

NEWS: Announcing the 11th Annual NaBITA Conference, November 11-13, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa in Bonita Springs, FL. PR Newswire, April 2019.

NEWS: ATIXA Announces 2019 ATIXA East Coast Annual Conference September 30th-October 3rd in Philadelphia. PR Newswire, April 2019.

NEWS: Announcing Campuses and the Courts: A Spring 2019 Webinar Series from TNG, PR Newswire, March 2019.

NEWS: ATIXA Issues Position Statement Discussing When Sexual Harassment Definitions are in Limbo, Go Back to the Statute Itself, PR Newswire, March 2019.

NEWS: NaBITA Issues Position Statement on Involuntary Withdrawals and the Use of Behavioral Agreements, PR Newswire, March 2019.

ARTICLE: CUTV News Radio Spotlights Carolyn Reinach Wolf, Blog Talk Radio, March 2019.

ARTICLE: BC Files New Brief In $3 Million Lawsuit. The Heights, March 2019.

ARTICLE: Boston College Tries to Limit its Potential Liability in Title IX Due Process Trial. The College Fix, February 2019.

ARTICLE: New Briefs Filed in $3 Million Lawsuit Against University. Boston College The Heights, February 2019.

ARTICLE: The New ‘In Loco Parentis.’ Chronicle of Higher Education, February 2019.

ARTICLE: Ruling Affirming the Rights of Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct Roils California Colleges. Los Angeles Times, February 2019.

ARTICLE: Yale Students Want Girls Admitted into Frats to Fix ‘Toxic Sexual Culture.’ The Daily Caller, February 2019.

ARTICLE: What Responsibility Does a University Have to Regulate Fraternity Culture? Chronicle of Higher Education, February 2019.

ARTICLE: A Different Challenge to Fraternities. Inside Higher Ed, February 2019.

ARTICLE: Report on Vegas Massacre Prompts Outrage. Associated Press, February 2019.

NEWS: ATIXA Releases Comments on the U.S. Department of Education's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Regulations Implementing Title IX. PR Newswire, January 2019.

NEWS: ATIXA Releases Brand New and Fully Revised One Policy, One Process Model Policy, the Only 2019-Ready Model Available to the Field. PRNewswire, January 2019.

NEWS: The Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) and the National Behavioral Team Intervention Association (NaBITA) Introduce New Levels of Membership. PRNewswire, January 2019.

ARTICLE: Harvard Cracks Down on All-Male Clubs. But It's Women's Groups That Have Vanished. The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 2019.



NEWS: Judge OKs 'John Doe' Suit. Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, December 2018. 

NEWS: Ogled in the Shower: Former Stanford Wrestlers Claim Coaches Ignored Harassment. The Mercury News, November 2018.

NEWS: Changing Title IX. WNYC, November 2018.

ARTICLE: As Gun Violence Continues, Colleges Sharpen Campus Safety Message. Education Dive, November 2018.

ARTICLE: Who is the Green River Killer? How Detectives Played into Gary Ridgway's Personality to Prompt 48 Murder Confessions. Newsweek, November 2018.

ARTICLE: MSU Spent Nearly $4 million on Title IX Investigators as Reports Spiked., November 2018.

ARTICLE: New Uncertainty on Title IX. Inside Higher Ed, November 2018.

ARTICLE: DeVos Wants to Change Campus Rules on Sexual Misconduct. Daily Herald, November 2018.

ARTICLE: Michigan Professor Alleges 8 UVa Scholarships Discriminate Against Men. The Daily Progress, November 2018.

ARTICLE: University of Arkansas Lists Title IX Assault Reports. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, November 2018.

ARTICLE: Conference Breakdown: Sexual Misconduct Complaints at Each Power 5 School., November 2018.

ARTICLE: College Athletes Three Times More Likely to be Named in Title IX Sexual Misconduct Complaints., November 2018.

ARTICLE: Every Ohio College Must Investigate Sexual Assault Complaints. But They Can All Handle it Their Own Way. Why?, October 2018.

ARTICLE: Former FBI Profiler on What Details Tell Us About Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter. Yahoo News, October 2018.

ARTICLE: Several Packages Containing Pipe Bombs May Have Originated At Opa-locka Postal Facility. CBS Miami, October 2018.

ARTICLE: #MeToo Inspires Wave of Old Misconduct Reports to Colleges. Morning Journal, October 2018.

ARTICLE: Compelled to Speak Out Against Yourself. Inside Higher Ed, October 2018.

NEWS: ATIXA Releases Position Statement on Equitable Appeals Best Practices. Association of Title IX Administrators, October 2018.

NEWS: ATIXA Releases Position Statement on Cross-Examining the Urge to Transform College Conduct Proceedings Into Courtrooms. Association of Title IX Administrators, October 2018.

ARTICLE: Coordinate to Curb Student Violence. Educational Leadership, October 2018.

NEWS: TNG Announces Expansion and New Staff. PRNewswire, October 2018.

ARTICLE: One Year Later, Experts Dig Deeper to Find Vegas Shooter's Motive. Wall Street Journal, September 2018.

ARTICLE: Kavanaugh Case Unfolds as DeVos Readies Sexual Assault Rule. Daily Journal, September 2018.

ARTICLE: Work Effectively with BIT to Assist Student‐Veterans. Disability Compliance for Higher Education, September 2018.

ARTICLE: Why More Colleges Are Trying Restorative Justice in Sex-Assault CasesThe Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2018.

ARTICLE: Are Schools Increasingly Acting as a Minor Judiciary, Holding Quasi-Trials?, September 2018.

ARTICLE: New Director of Equity and Title IX Lin-Chi Wang Joins College Administration. The Muhlenberg Weekly, September 2018.

ARTICLE: NIU to Offer Title IX Coordinator, Administrator Certification Training. Daily Chronicle, September 2018.

ARTICLE: Trump Education Department Adopts Controversial Definition of Anti-Semitism. Politico, September 2018.

ARTICLE: Safety Expert Conducts Training at BSCTC. Appalachian News Express, September 2018.

ARTICLE: Women in Science Take on Sexual Harassment. ASBMBToday, September 2018.

NEWS: TNG and Accredible Announce a New Partnership Aimed at Furthering Systems-level Solutions for Safer Schools and Campuses. PR Newswire, September 2018.

ARTICLE: A Step-by-Step Guide to Trump's New College Sexual-Assault Policy. The Atlantic, August 2018.

NEWS: Announcing the NaBITA Standards for Behavioral Intervention Teams. PR Newswire, August 2018.

ARTICLE: Students Accused of Sexual Assault Must be Allowed to Cross-Examine Accusers, Courts Say., August 2018.

ARTICLE: Education Department Opens Civil Rights Inquiry Into Abuse at Ohio State. The New York Times, August 2018. 

ARTICLE: Mollie Tibbetts Likely Went Off in Car With Someone She Knew, Says FBI Ex-Profiler. Fox News, August 2018.

ARTICLE: Discredited Researcher Cited in Guidance for Title IX Administrators, Critics Say. The College Fix, August 2018.

ARTICLE: Intervention Teams Could Be Critical to Stopping School Violence., August 2018.

ARTICLE: Boston College Wants to Avoid Jury Trial for Dean Telling Title IX Adjudicators How to Rule. The College Fix, August 2018.

ARTICLE: Ohio State Investigation: How Title IX Could Determine Whether Urban Meyer Coaches Again. The Columbus Dispatch, August 2018.

NEWS: Carolyn Reinach Wolf is recognized by Continental Who's Who. PR Newswire, July 2018.

NEWS: ATIXA Issues a New Position Statement on Consideration of Pattern Evidence in Campus Sexual Misconduct Allegations. PR Newswire, July 2018.

NEWS: Secret Service Endorses NaBITA's Approach to Prevention of School Violence. PR Newswire, July 2018.

ARTICLE: Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model, United States Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center, July 2018.

ARTICLE: Blasted as Predators, Professors Are Fighting Back With Lawsuits. The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 2018.

ARTICLE: Experts: JSU Should Immediately Have Reported Rape Complaint to Police. The Anniston Star, July 2018. (subscription required)

NEWS: TNG Congratulates Partner W. Scott Lewis, J.D. on His Appointment to the U.S. Center for SafeSport. PR Newswire, July 2018.

ARTICLE: The 'Confusing' Case of UNC's Title IX ViolationsInside Higher Ed, June 2018.

NEWS: Stanford Faces Lawsuit Over Mental Health Disability Violations, KJZZ.ORG, June 2018.

ARTICLE: Students Want Due Process -- With Limited Rights in Sexual Misconduct Cases, Inside Higher Ed, June 2018.

ARTICLE: New England parents take stand against men competing in female athletic competitions. The Western Journal, June 2018.

ARTICLE: One person as 'Prosecutor, judge, and jury.' Inside Higher Ed, June 2018.

NEWS: ATIXA Position Statement on the Free Speech Rights of Individuals Involved in Sexual Misconduct Proceedings. PR Newswire, June 2018.

ARTICLE: Should Michigan sex education require 'yes means yes' curriculum? WZZM13.COM, June 2018.

ARTICLE: After the investigation: A look at sexual assault and Title IX. Pepperdine Graphic, May 2018.

ARTICLE: Relationship restrictionsInside Higher Ed, May 2018.

ARTICLE: Bill Cosby's conviction was hailed as a #MeToo victory. But advocates say more needs to be done. NBC News, May 2018.

NEWS: Legal face-off Supreme Court panel, State Representative Lou Lang on the Equal Rights Amendment, Inside Out columnists on leaving a legacy, and much more. WGN Radio, May 2018.

ARTICLE: His college knew of his despair. His parents didn't, until it was too lateThe New York Times, May 2018.

ARTICLE: Avoid common errors in Title IX investigations, reports. Student Affairs Today, April 2018.

ARTICLE: A natural attraction? Inside Higher Ed, April 2018.

ARTICLE: Tying sex assault prevention programs at Iowa colleges difficult without clear data. Globe Gazette, April 2018.

NEWS: Announcing 20 Minutes to...Trained! PR Newswire, April 2018.

ARTICLE: Artistic expression or harassment? Inside Higher Ed, April 2018.

ARTICLE: Most guns used in school shootings come from home. The Wall Street Journal, April 2018.

ARTICLE: 'I was in danger': What happens when students harass professors. Inside Higher Ed, April 2018.

NEWS: Announcing the newly redesigned website of TNG. PR Newswire, April 2018.

ARTICLE: Firms walk a tightrope investigating sexual impropriety at universities. The American Lawyer, March 2018.

ARTICLE: ASU uses mandatory reporting to fight sexual misconduct on campus. The State Press, March 2018.

ARTICLE: Duty to protect. Inside Higher Ed, March 2018.

ARTICLE: From clues to capture: Forensics, profiling and the hunt in Austin. NPR, March 2018.

ARTICLE: A race against time and technology: How authorities are trying to catch the Austin bomberThe Washington Post, March 2018.

ARTICLE: Keynote speaker to address hazing myths at ECU. WNCT, March 2018.

ARTICLE: Police assemble patchwork of clues in hunt for Austin bomber. Seattle Times, March 2018.

ARTICLE: Why are law deans not fired after investigations find misconduct with women? ABA Journal, March 2018.

ARTICLE: High schools: MIAA golf committee works to avoid another Emily Nash fiasco., March 2018.

ARTICLE: Shannon Miller: Discrimination victim? Or an overpaid college coach?, March 2018.

NEWS: The Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) announces the 2018 Annual Conference. PR Newswire, March 2018.

ARTICLE: These researchers have been trying to stop school shootings for 20 years., March 2018.

ARTICLE: KU fraternities meet with governing body to talk terms of freeze on activities and what's next., March 2018.

NEWS: New Directions for Student Services Special Issue: Addressing Sexual Violence in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Wiley, March 2018.

ARTICLE: Rio to host rescheduled Title IX Training Summit. The Jackson County Times-Journal, March 2018.

ARTICLE: After Florida shooting, more than 600 copycat threats have targeted schools. USA Today, March 2018.

ARTICLE: Some WA districts not equipped to evaluate school threats well, experts say., March 2018.

ARTICLE: When students harass professorsInside Higher Ed, March 2018.

ARTICLE: Why are so many students making threats against schools in central Pa.? York Daily Record, March 2018.

ARTICLE: Trinity officials say they didn't know student was repeatedly abused. San Antonio Express-News, March 2018.

ARTICLE: Association helps schools see warning signs for gun violenceAssociations Now, February 2018.

ARTICLE: A student is being investigated for breaking into his school. His explanation: he was sleepwalkingNew York Times, February 2018.

ARTICLE: Hanover High School among at least 10 Virginia schools where police investigated recent social media threatsRichmond-Times Dispatch, February 2018.

ARTICLE: Police investigate social media threats against middle, high schools across Hampton Roads and North CarolinaThe Virginian-Pilot, February 2018.

ARTICLE: Should someone charged with domestic violence be allowed to own a gun?, February 2018.

ARTICLE: Copycat threats and rumors of 'Florida pt 2' put schools on high alert after shooting rampageThe Washington Post, February 2018.

NEWS: Intervening early to stop killers. NPR, February 2018.

ARTICLE: Fraternities as charitable powerhouses? One university's numbers suggest otherwise. Chronicle of Higher Education, February 2018.

ARTICLE: The Nassar investigation that never made headlinesThe Atlantic, January 2018.

ARTICLE: When is a president accountable for what she didn't know? Inside Higher Ed, January 2018.

ARTICLE: Title IX: 12 things that advocates and educators want you to know. Gender Spectrum, January 2018.

NEWS: ATIXA position statement on the proposed legislation entitled: Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity Through Education Reform (Prosper) Act (Higher Education Act Reauthorization). PR Newswire, January 2018.

NEWS: Rio to host Title IX Training SummitJackson County Times-Journal, January 2018.

NEWS: Tool designed by Dean Reese is implemented in U.K. Columbus State University News, January 2018.

ARTICLE: Is education having its own #MeToo Moment? USA Today, January 2018.


ARTICLE: Universities face #MeToo movement over sexual harassmentDanbury News Times, December 2017.

ARTICLE: UH group helps underrepresented communities graduateHouston Chronicle, December 2017.

ARTICLE: Inside a training course for campus sexual-assault officers. The Cut, December 2017.

NEWS: What role can schools play in preventing and responding to teen dating violence? EureakAlert, December 2017.

ARTICLE: When students are fair gameInside Higher Ed, December 2017.

ARTICLE: California makes sex trafficking education mandatory. Study International, December 2017.

ARTICLE: Jerry Cares program honored by NaBITA. Arkansas Tech University, December 2017.

ARTICLE: MIAA forms committee to study rule that denied Emily Nash golf trophyBoston Herald, December 2017.

ARTICLE: Reporting sexual assault on campus is becoming riskier than ever — here's why. Bustle, December 2017.

ARTICLE: Serial rapistsInside Higher Ed, December 2017.

ARTICLE: More action on harassmentInside Higher Ed, December 2017.

ARTICLE: How can colleges head off homegrown extremism? Chronicle of Higher Education, December 2017.

ARTICLE: As more college students say "Me Too," accused men are suing for defamation. Buzzfeed, December 2017.

ARTICLE: Higher Ed Reauthorization on campus sexual assaultsInside Higher Ed, December 2017.

ARTICLE: Justice Department argues for Title IX suit against UA; ex-student alleged 'deliberate indifference' after rape report. ArkansasOnline, November 2017.

ARTICLE: Worcester County student expelled from Johnson & Wales for sexual assault sues university., November 2017.

ARTICLE: Can bloody dioramas show how to investigate a murder? These forensic experts say yesThe Washington Post, November 2017.

ARTICLE: Not so cold cases, after allInside Higher Ed, November 2017.

VIDEO: Texas gunman's intent was "maximum lethality," former FBI profiler saysCBS This Morning, November 2017.

ARTICLE: Dealing with unethical or illegal conduct in higher educationThe Scientist, November 2017.

NEWS: The ATIXA Playbook, a guide for resolving sexual misconduct allegations, discounted through November. PR Newswire, November 2017.

ARTICLE: Responding to and preventing sexual violence must be higher priority for K-12, experts tell lawmakers. Ed Week, October 2017.

ARTICLE: A very Jerry Brown defense of due processThe Weekly Standard, October 2017.

ARTICLE: How several of GW's on-campus crime statistics compare to peer schools'The GW Hatchet, October 2017.

ARTICLE: Campus fears drive boom in Threat-Assessment TeamsChronicle of Higher Education, October 2017.

ARTICLE: The number of sex offenses on Syracuse University's annual security report are lower than national statistics. Here's whyThe Daily Orange, October 2017.

ARTICLE: Title IX review should examine how sexual assault cases are decided, experts sayThe GW Hatchet, October 2017.

NEWS: ATIXA announces appointment of Ryan McDavis as Executive Director. PR Newsire, October 2017.

ARTICLE: Las Vegas gunman's 'secret life' thwarts investigators' hunt for motive. CBS New York, October 2017.

ARTICLE: Why does the Las Vegas shooter's motive even matter?, October 2017.

ARTICLE: What does Title IX training look like on college campuses? Knoxville News Sentinel, October 2017.

ARTICLE: Scheduling circumstancesInside Higher Ed, October 2017.

ARTICLE: Former FBI profiler: Vegas gunman likely studied Texas Tower shooting., October 2017.

ARTICLE: FBI profiler after Las Vegas mass shooting: 'See something, say something.' WTMJ-TV, October 2017.

ARTICLE: Court finds due process denied in sex assault caseInside Higher Ed, September 2017.

ARTICLE: DeVos rescinds Obama sex assault rules, allows schools to choose proof standard until new one in place., September 2017.

NEWS: ATIXA Guide to Choosing Between Preponderance of the Evidence v. Clear and Convincing Evidence

NEWS: ATIXA Statement on the Rescission of Previous Title IX Guidance and Issuance of Interim Guidance

ARTICLE: An exploration of the risk, protective, and mobilization factors related to violent extremism in college populationsViolence and Gender, September 2017.

NEWS: Hazing in America: Parents of Tim Piazza help lead open forum on TODAY., September 2017.

NEWS: CEO, Brett A. Sokolow, Esq., pens op-ed on how he sees Title IX today. TNG, September 2017.

NEWS: Are we missing the warning signs to prevent lone terrorist attacks? EurekAlert, September 2017.

ARTICLE: Close the fratsChronicle of Higher Education, September 2017. (subscription required)

ARTICLE: DeVos' long-awaited move on Title IX met with both relief and outrageThe Weekly Standard, September 2017.

ARTICLE: Pledges of continued vigilanceInside Higher Ed, September 2017.

NEWS: ATIXA Response to September 7, 2017 DeVos Press Conference. PR Newswire, September 2017.

ARTICLE: The conversation about campus rape is so much bigger than Title IXUSA Today, September 2017.

ARTICLE: DeVos to revamp Title IX guidance on sex assaults on college campusUSA Today, September 2017.

ARTICLE: A DeVos speech on Title IX heightens advocates' fears that a rollback is imminentChronicle of Higher Education, September 2017.

ARTICLE: USC expelled a football star for allegedly abusing his girlfriend, even though she denies it happened. Buzzfeed, September 2017.

ARTICLE: In a session on sexual assault, a college suggested masturbation. Was that a mistake? Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2017. (subscription required)

ARTICLE: One program is proven to reduce campus rape. Why don't we teach it? Buzzfeed, September 2017.

ARTICLE: Sexual harassment of graduate students by faculty is a national problem. Think Progress, August 2017.

ARTICLE: Behind the curious case of USC's star-crossed student athletesThe Weekly Standard, August 2017.

ARTICLE: Experts: UW-Madison sexual harassment policies could make it hard to track repeat offendersWisconsin State Journal, August 2017.

ARTICLE: Organizer of white supremacist rally delaying Texas A&M event to give America 'time to heal.' The Dallas Morning News, August 2017.

ARTICLE: Texas A&M officials canceled a "White Lives Matter" rally. Are they allowed to do that? The Texas Tribune, August 2017.

ARTICLE: Federal government investigating Anchorage School District's handling of sexual violence reportAlaska Dispatch News, August 2017.

ARTICLE: Zero-tolerance mind-setInside Higher Ed, August 2017.

ARTICLE: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos kicks off emotional battle over campus sexual assault rulesLA Times, August 2017.

ARTICLE: Why are high schools beefing up their sexual assault policies? Pressure from teens. Youth Radio, August 2017.

ARTICLE: Saying you're sorryInside Higher Ed, August 2017.

ARTICLE: A sound prevention base for addressing campus sexual violenceInside Higher Ed, August 2017.

NEWS: Courts hold colleges & universities must balance due process in sex assault cases with need to protect campus. Huffington Post, July 2017.

ARTICLE: WorkWise: Mental health in hiring. Knoxville News Sentinel, July 2017.

NEWS: ATIXA launches a sixth Community of Practice & membership category for ADA/504 Coordinators. PR Newswire, July 2017.

NEWS: Announcing the next Higher Education Risk Management Certification Institute (HERM-CI) from TNG, LLC. PR Newswire, July 2017.

ARTICLE: Campus rape policies get a new look as the accused get DeVos's ear. New York Times, July 2017.

ARTICLE: Suspect in Chinese scholar's kidnapping allegedly spoke about "ideal victim."CBS News, July 2017.

ARTICLE: Amid turmoil, 'trust is faltering' at Michigan State University. Detroit Free Press, June 2017.

ARTICLE: How Trump can undo everything Obama did for Title IX. GOOD, June 2017.

ARTICLE: Who's Next Law: 16 young minds shaping Philly's legal landscape., June 2017.

ARTICLE: Yale appeals decision forbidding designation of more gender-neutral bathrooms in law building. ABA Journal, June 2017.

ARTICLE: UA near top of Title IX Head Coach diversity study., June 2017.

ARTICLE: Tracking athletes' sex offenses. Inside Higher Ed, June 2017.

NEWS: TNG, LLC expands West Coast presence. PR Newswire, June 2017.

ARTICLE: When fraternities go underground, problems surface. Chronicle of Higher Education, June 2017.

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