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ARTICLE: Amy Coney Barrett Could Change Campus Sexual Assault Rules Forever Newsweek, October 2020.

PODCAST: Higher Ed, Covid and Lawyers. Oh My! MSC The Collective Good, October 2020.


NEWS: TNG Consulting Announces Additions to Firm Leadership PR Newswire, September 2020.

ARTICLE: A Supreme Court Shift to the Right Inside Higher Ed, September 2020.

ARTICLE: Amy Coney Barrett, potential Supreme Court nominee, wrote influential ruling on campus sexual assault (subscription required) The Washington Post, September 2020.

ARTICLE: Why Haven’t Sexual-Assault Statistics Improved? The 61% Project, September 2020.

ARTICLE: Ed Dept decision on trans student-athletes could have broader implications Education Dive, September 2020.

ARTICLE: Defund the Police. Then What? Medium, September 2020.


ARTICLE: Gag Order or Privacy Concern?. Inside Higher Ed, August 2020.

ARTICLE: The Student-Blaming Has Begun: Is it fair to fault college students for Covid-19 outbreaks? (subscription required). The Chronicle of Higher Education. August 2020.

ARTICLE: With DeVos' Title IX rule taking effect, higher ed is under strain. Education Dive, August 2020.

ARTICLE: Federal courts decline to block DeVos rule on campus sexual violence. Education Dive, August 2020.

NEWS: TNG Consulting Announces the Acquisition of Oracle Investigations Group, LLC. PR Newswire, August 2020.


ARTICLE: As Transgender Rights Debate Spills Into Sports, One Runner Finds Herself at the Center of a Pivotal Case. The Washington Post, July 2020.

NEWS: ATIXA Position Statement: Compliance with the 2020 Title IX Regulations Will Require a Formalized and Expanded Title IX Team. ATIXA, July 2020.


ARTICLE: 3 Myths of Title IX Regulations and a Roadmap ForwardDistrict Administration, June 2020.

NEWS: TNG Names Kimberly Pacelli, J.D., M.Ed. as Partner. PR Newswire, June 2020.

ARTICLE: UA Paid Student $1.275 Million in What Expert Calls 'Unprecedented' Title IX Settlement., June 2020.

NEWS: TNG Statement of Support, June 2020.

ARTICLE: Startin' in Kindergarten: Lawyering Up on School Sex Abuse. Real Clear Investigations, June 2020.

ARTICLE: College Title IX Procedures Under Microscope. Inside Higher Ed, June 2020.

ARTICLE: MIAA Volleyball Committee Waits on Rule Change to Allow Boys to Play on Girls’ Front Line. Boston Herald, June 2020.


ARTICLE: K-12 Schools Keep Mishandling Sexual Assault Complaints. Will New Title IX Regulations Help? NBC News, May 2020.

NEWS: ATIXA Position Statement on Adopting the Preponderance of the Evidence Standard of Proof. ATIXA, May 2020.

ARTICLE: Chadron State to Pay $900,000 in Settlement of Title IX Lawsuit. Journal Star, May 2020.

NEWS: ATIXA to Facilitate Public Posting of its Title IX Training Materials. PR Newswire, May 2020.

ARTICLE: Where Colleges Stand on Title IX. The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 2020.

ARTICLE: Who's Who on the Higher Education Title IX Team? ATIXA, May 2020.

ARTICLE: Title IX College Sexual Assault Rules Have Changed. As a Former Dean, I Have Some Concerns. The Independent, May 2020.

ARTICLE: New to IX: What Every K-12 Administrator Needs to Know. ATIXA, May 2020.

ARTICLE: R3 Release: Who’s Who on the K-12 Title IX Team? ATIXA, May 2020.

ARTICLE: R3 Release: Summary of 2020 Title IX Regulations and Quick Tips. ATIXA, May 2020.

ARTICLE: Top 10 Myths and Facts of the New Title IX Regulations. ATIXA, May 2020.

ARTICLE: New Title IX Regulations No Longer Require Coaches to Report Sexual Misconduct. Yahoo Finance, May 2020.

ARTICLE: New Department of Education Sexual Assault Investigation Rules Spark Controversy. Diverse, May 2020.

ARTICLE: Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct Get Stronger Protections Under New Federal Rules. Los Angeles Times, May 2020.

ARTICLE: New Title IX Regulations Change How Colleges Must Respond to Sexual Misconduct Complaints. ESPN, May 2020.

NEWS: ATIXA Creates the 2020 Regs Rapid Response ("R3") Resource Center. PR Newswire, May 2020.



NEWS: National Women’s Law Center’s Letter to the Department of Education Regarding COVID-19 and Title IX. National Women's Law Center, March 2020.

ARTICLE: Overwhelmed Colleges Worry About Title IX Rule's Release. Inside Higher Ed, March 2020.

ARTICLE: What Do The Education Department’s New Title IX Rules Mean For Students. The College Post, March 2020.

ARTICLE: How the New DeVos Rules on Sexual Assault Will Shock Schools — and Students. Politico, March 2020.

ARTICLE: At This Texas Campus, Sexual Harassers Can Now Expect to Be Fired. The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 2020.

ARTICLE: Coaching Double Standard Plagues Women’s College Ice Hockey. The Daily Orange, March 2020.


ARTICLE: Regulators Slam USC Handling of Sex Abuse Allegations as ‘Shocking and Reprehensible.’ LA Times, February 2020.

ARTICLE: New Title IX Regulations on the Way? District Administration, February 2020.

ARTICLE: MeToo Era Slow to Arrive at Minnesota State Campuses. StarTribune, February 2020.

ARTICLE: House Oversight Committee Challenges Regs., February 2020.

ARTICLE: The Next Wave of #MeToo. Chronicle of Higher Education, February 2020.

ARTICLE: Are Events Really Including LGBTQ+ Attendees? Event Manager Blog, February 2020.


ARTICLE: Increased Legal Scrutiny for Sexual Assault Policies. Inside Higher Ed, January 2020.

NEWS: TNG Appoints Martha E.M. Kopacz as Chief Executive Officer. PR Newswire, January 2020.

ARTICLE: MSU to Hold Annual Legal Issues Conference April 22-24. MS State Newsroom, January 2020.

ARTICLE: Some Lawyers Worry About Proposed DOE Rule That Would Remove Restrictions on Religious Institutions. ABA Journal, January 2020.

ARTICLE: We're Listening: Introducing Newly Revised and Updated ATIXA Certifications. PR Newswire, January 2020.

ARTICLE: New Federal Rules on Campus Sexual Misconduct Will Only Make Things Worse. Los Angeles Times, January 2020.

ARTICLE: OCR Is About to Rock Our Worlds. Inside Higher Ed, January 2020.

NEWS: Gun-Violence Summit to Address Health and Medical-Related Costs, and Other Issues. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, January 2020.


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