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Here Is What Our Clients Think About Our Services

    • Concordia University Irvine

      Scott Lewis is a tremendous resource, he is very knowledgeable about campus culture and is able to connect to the students, faculty, and staff in a very personal way. He is an expert in the field and we depend on him during our most difficult cases for guidance.

      Gilbert Fugitt, Ed.D.
      Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator
      Concordia University Irvine
    • San Jose State University

      Belinda Guthrie served as an outside investigator for our Title IX Office for three cases.  She is a true subject matter expert.  Belinda's investigation skills are exceptional, and she handled all three challenging cases with confidence.  We are so impressed with her analytical approach and her professionalism.  Belinda is a first-rate investigator.  She left no stone unturned. 

      Natalie Brouwer Potts
      Title IX Officer
      San Jose State University
    • Western Michigan University

      Jason Laker is an excellent educator and anti-sexist male activist. His educational style is one in which he creates safety for diverse audience participants. His presentations and workshops are interactive and thought-provoking around hard-to-discuss topics such as men and masculinities, and sexual violence. In addition, his consulting skills are comprehensive — he allowed us to utilize his time and talent in a variety of ways — touching the lives and enhancing the knowledge of faculty, staff, students, and community members.

      Marlene Kowalski-Braun
      Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Inclusion
      Western Michigan University
    • Santa Monica College

      Santa Monica College found Brian Van Brunt to be so knowledgeable and compelling at a NaBITA certification course that we have brought him to campus multiple times.  Not only has he worked with our BIT team on a number of issues related to crisis prevention and threat assessment, but we included him in a recent faculty and staff professional development day to address classroom management issues and dealing with dangerous and disruptive students.  His workshops were well attended and received raved reviews.  Brian is a true expert in the field who is an engaging and conversant presenter!

      Brenda Johnson Benson
      Senior Administrative Dean, Counseling, Retention and Student Wellness
      Santa Monica College
    • Arkansas Tech University

      Having Dr. Van Brunt spend two-days on-campus training our CARE Team provided the perfect springboard for the launch of our program. After spending months planning the implementation, Dr. Van Brunt was able to customize an intensive training to meet the specific needs our team, building our confidence and reinforcing best practices to get our team off to a strong start.

      Amy N. Pennington
      Dean of Students
      Arkansas Tech University
    • College of the Holy Cross

      I've worked with Brett in the past, and will again in the future.  Saunie and Scott's training was great, informative and well developed.  The best thing about the NCHERM training is that they are always ahead of the curve and dead on with trends.  What I learn I take back to campus implement and when it is considered best practice a year or two down the line I get to shine.  There are so few of us on a campus dealing with these issues it is great to hear from such experienced folks.   Thank you for the work you do.  The fee is fair and compared to what take-aways there are at national conferences, a real bargain.

      Paul Irish
      Associate Dean of Students, Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards
      College of the Holy Cross
    • University of Cincinnati

      Katie's experience and expertise is invaluable in helping us catch up on our cases.

      Bleuzette Marshall
      Chief Diversity Officer
      University of Cincinnati
    • Whitman College

      Saunie Schuster has been invaluable to us over the years as we worked to address the issue of sexual assault on campus and develop the best policy and process as possible. She is extremely knowledgeable and up to date on the critical issues and the law.

      Chuck Cleveland
      Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students
      Whitman College
    • Flathead Valley Community College

      I find Dr. Van Brunt to be a valuable resource when it comes to behavioral intervention and threat assessment. Not only does he provide excellent, first-hand insight into the process of BIT work, he is also very approachable when it comes to needing strategies or advice on how to further strengthen the work we are doing with our campus BIT.  His willingness to travel far and wide to deliver training and education on this topic is impressive.

      Carlin C. Hale
      Flathead Valley Community College
    • Lewis & Clark College

      It has been wonderful to work with NCHERM around issues of Clery Act compliance. The knowledge and understanding of the reporting and other requirements of the Act that NCHERM brings to the table have enabled us to focus on the spirit of the law—ensuring that we are working effectively to make our campus as safe as it can be.

      Jon Eldridge
      Dean of Students
      Lewis & Clark College
    • Lubbock Christian University

      Amy Murphy is a voice of calm in the storm of uncertainty related to the fluid issues of higher education compliance. Her passion for student growth, safety, and purpose is at the core of her message.

      Randal Dement
      Vice President for Student Affairs
      Lubbock Christian University
    • Grand Canyon University

      GCU recently went through the Conflict Resolution Training with Matt Gregory and it really allowed our department to practice their skills and prepare them for dealing with conflict resolution for this upcoming year.   Matt was very encouraging when it came to our conflict resolution process and a lot of what he taught was what we were doing but gave us more ownership over our process.  Many of the RD's felt this was great practice for them, especially our new hires.  Day two was very practical because we spend the day working through the process. Overall, it was encouraging to hear that we have a strong conflict resolution process in place!

      Jesi Weeks
      Residence Life Manager
      Grand Canyon University
    • San Jose State University

      Belinda Guthrie crafted strong educational programs with exactly the right tone. Belinda can be relied on for her vast subject matter expertise, and also her practical application skills.

      Natalie Brouwer Potts
      Title IX Officer
      San Jose State University
    • Lewis & Clark College

      NCHERM's services have been invaluable as we have worked to craft sexual misconduct policies that are truly effective. Their guidance and services have resulted in a more comprehensive approach to sexual misconduct and has made it much easier for us to adjudicate cases expeditiously and fairly. NCHERM also assisted us in refining our entire Code of Conduct, a review process that I am confident makes our approach to disciplinary matters even more educational and effective.

      Jon Eldridge
      Dean of Students
      Lewis & Clark College
    • National Cathedral School

      Jeremy's presentation is fresh and engaging. He meets the students where they are and is extremely patient with their questions.

      Ivette Velez Bohlen, M.Ed.
      Associate Director of Counseling
      National Cathedral School
    • Athletics

      As an Athletic Director who has worked at all levels of collegiate sports, Scott's advice and counsel through the trickiest and highest profile of cases was the most practical and valuable I could have hoped for. His ability to understand, navigate, and explain situations is without parallel.

      S. Beverly
    • Concordia University Texas

      Our partnership with Scott Lewis has been invaluable to this institution over the last several years.  Scott's unique perspective from both the legal side and the Student Services side has provided us with practical, real-life and real-time advice that has been very beneficial to us at all levels of the University as we seek to improve our process.  He is both knowledgeable and likeable and relates well across all constituents - faculty, staff, students and administrators.

      As a result of our partnership with Scott and NCHERM, we have completely revised and improved our Code of Conduct and Conduct Process and made improvements to our Behavioral Intervention Team process.  His presentation to students on alcohol was one of our top rated presentations that semester.   Faculty, more than a year later, still talk about the lessons they learned from him in regards to classroom management and BIST team protocols. He has worked with us on issues as diverse as training our Conduct Hearing Boards; participating in discussions on Admissions staff salaries; providing guidance around policies and protocols related to Suicide and Student Death and Involuntary Medical Withdrawals; and providing immediate guidance for real-time student discipline issues as they develop.

      Kristi Kirk
      Concordia University Texas
    • Amherst College

      I had the pleasure of working with NCHERM Partner Saunie Schuster at two institutions. While at Amherst College, Saunie trained our Title IX Administrators, as well as students, faculty, and staff with various roles in the student conduct process. Saunie's training provided hearing board members a space to think critically about their responsibility in making decisions on serious policy violations by using interactive case studies and challenging them on appropriate questioning and decision-making. By bringing her to campus for two days, we had the opportunity to invite colleagues from across campus to attend presentations on Title IX, sexual harassment compliance and reporting responsibilities, model hearing processes, and a conversation on consent with the students, and the reviews were rave. Saunie revealed her expertise, energy, and commitment to helping Amherst further develop skills and best practices for student conduct procedures, and we are excited to continue to work with her in the future. On a personal note, she has also been an inspiration to me as I have watched her make a difference on campuses where I had primary responsibilities for student conduct. Thanks, Saunie!

      Liza M. Nascembeni
      Former Assistant Dean of Students and Dean of Student Conduct
      Amherst College, Amherst, MA
    • Tarleton State University

      I was very impressed with Dr. McCreary's experience in Greek Life and his commitment to advancing fraternal values. His respectful, educational approach in working with staff and students allowed us to

      address tough issues and raise the expectations for our Greek system. He is a professional devoted to fostering a student-centered educational environment.

      Dr. Laura Boren
      Vice President for Student Affairs
      Tarleton State University
    • Portland Community College

      Leslee was great and so very approachable! We all really liked her. She took the direction that we needed and was just marvelous. We told her our concerns she addressed all of them. It was just GREAT!

      Elisabeth Davidson
      Program Specialist, Office of Equity and Inclusion
      Portland Community College
    • Office of the Inspector General

      Anna is an exceptional attorney and a brilliant investigator. Anna approached every task with an unmatched commitment to quality, accuracy, and diligence. She is able to balance the unbiased pursuit of facts with vigorous and unfaltering advocacy for clients. Always professional, measured, and composed, Anna was an invaluable member of our team.

      Alexander DeSantis
      Deputy Inspector General
      City of Philadelphia, Office of the Inspector General
    • Florida Memorial University

      Attorney Vance understands the practical and the legal aspects of compliance, and she provides excellent counsel, guidance, training, and strategic analysis to administrators at all levels.

      Michelle Howard-Vital
      Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost
      Florida Memorial University
    • Orange Coast College

      Brian Van Brunt has conducted multiple trainings on our campus, which is a Southern California Community College of over 20,000 students.  Not only did he provide our Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) with the full NaBITA Certification course, but he also customized a one-day program for all staff and faculty based on his book, "A Faculty Guide To Addressing Disruptive and Dangerous Behavior."  Because of his mental health background, Brian is an excellent trainer for community college groups that face a lot of behavioral problems on campus that are rooted in students' mental health issues.  He is an engaging speaker who uses humor kindly and appropriately to lighten some of the difficult situations that BITs face.  He is relevant, real, and above all compassionate.

      Sylvia Worden, MSN, NP
      Associate Dean, Student Health Services
      Orange Coast College
    • Marshall University

      Daniel provided an engaging and comprehensive review of Title IX with many practical examples. The workshop brought together faculty, staff and community representatives who learned to conduct effective investigations concerning Title IX incidents to assist the greater community!

      Debra Hart
      Director of Equity Programs and Title IX Coordinator
      Marshall University
    • Wesley College

      NCHERM Partner W. Scott Lewis is in invaluable resource when dealing with complex code of conduct issues on campus. He is thoughtful and provides options to meet the needs of the student and the college. Additionally, his training style has been effective with our students, faculty and staff and helped our campus have a better understanding of students rights and responsibilities. We have benefited from our relationship in terms of training, evaluation of our printed materials and in terms of his perspective in helping resolve student conduce issues in a fair equitable manner.

      Mary Alice Ozechoski
      Former Dean of Students
      Wesley College (DE)
    • Emerson College

      My colleagues and I attended a Hazing Investigator Training at Quinnipiac University with Gentry McCreary and it was worth every penny!  Bringing our co-workers from Fraternity & Sorority Life was highly beneficial for our Conduct/Greek Life partnership.  As a direct result of the training, we are establishing a new Investigation Policy and Procedure and are working on incorporating new material in our New Member Educator training.

      Abigail Erle
      Assistant Director of Student Conduct
      Emerson College
    • Salisbury University

      Dr. Lowery was very attentive ... and provided a final report that we have been able to use as a guiding tool in updates and improvements to the code and our processes.

      Valerie Randall-Lee
      Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
      Salisbury University
    • Indiana State University

      Dr. Gregory's approach is authentic, genuine, and responsive. He used appropriate humor as a means of creating an intentional space wherestudents and staff of all levels felt welcomed and encouraged to engage in dialogue. His wide array of experiences and connections across the nation provided diverse thought and contributions to systematic issues.

      Kourtney Barrett
      Associate Director, Student Conduct and Integrity
      Indiana State University
    • St. Luke's University Health Network

      I truly appreciated Michelle's guidance in helping me improve my knowledge in prevention education, especially around Title IX compliance and the Violence Against Women Act. She is a leader that models the behavior we need to change our culture and advance our society.

      Katrina A. Fritz, MA, BSN, RN, PERONL Chair
      Nursing Supervisor
      St. Luke's University Health Network
    • Columbus College of Art & Design

      Saunie Schuster has provided extraordinary help to me and to my campus as we've navigated the complicated waters of legal and regulatory requirements involving students.  She approaches her work with a perfect balance of experience and knowledge in both law and student affairs practice.  It's been an immense comfort to me knowing that the advice and training we receive from her is grounded in a solid understanding of legal requirements, good risk management practices, and the real-life work of student affairs practitioners.  She is professional, bright, accessible to her clients, and a lot of fun!  I know you will enjoy working with her as much as I have.

      Dwayne K. Todd
      Former Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
      Columbus College of Art & Design
    • Lone Star College System

      Scott Lewis brings a unique mix of expertise and practice to the table.  Scott's knowledge of higher education law paired with his experience in both the classroom and in student affairs provide him with great credibility on the subject of risk management in a higher education setting.  Participants in a recent workshop commented that his riveting stories brought the subject to life in a way that will positively impact their work in the future. I believe my colleagues left the sessions both enlightened and empowered.

      Zack T. Coapland, Ph.D.
      Vice President, Student Success
      Lone Star College System