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D. Matthew Gregory, Ph.D.

Dr. Matt Gregory is a storyteller and has had much success motivating the need for change around the complexities of unhealthy sex, intoxication, non-consensual sex, and sexual coercion through his trainings, research, and stories.  Matt, or Matty as friends call him, completed his doctoral research on male advocacy against sexual violence in 2009.  He was moved to research and write on advocacy against sexual coercion as a result of his personal experiences with the topic as a male, an athlete, a fraternity man, a police officer, a conduct officer, a Dean of Students, and as a husband who is also a father of three girls and one boy.  For his dissertation, Matt approached his study through the lens of a narrative ethnographer or simply put, the study of the stories of people, culture or issues.  Since Matt was a little boy he has had a fascination with stories.  Matt could listen to his grandfather tell stories for hours.  Matt has taken his advocacy efforts against sexual coercion and his love for storytelling on the road.  Matt would love nothing more than to share his stories to prompt reflective thought and positive social change.  Matt’s talk is grounded in research related to behavioral change, belonging, feminism, masculinity, and vulnerability.  Matt will have you reflect, have you laugh, and maybe even have you cry through his vibrant style and vivid stories.  Matt says, stories are the closest way to begin to gain insight into a social issue.

Matt has presented to numerous groups, at national conferences and training institutes.  He is able to reach multiple audiences in a unique and engaging way. He has been working in the higher education setting for more than 20 years and currently serves as a Dean of Students. Matt’s lens as a former campus conduct official and as a campus law enforcement professional brings a unique perspective to his presentations. Additionally, he has served as an adjunct faculty member teaching law in higher education, student development theory, and introduction to women’s and gender studies.

Matt focuses his talk on college men: fraternity men, male athletes, and male student leaders.  Matt has and can cater his talk for other audiences consisting of both men and women.  To maximize the potential for impact, his stories and presentation can be adapted to a particular audience: student housing populations, student organization members, band members.

Matt has a Doctorate in Education Administration, a Master’s in Counseling and Student Affairs, and a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences. Matt has worked professionally at over six different institutions.  Matt is a Past-President of the Association of Student Conduct Administration, a partner with Culture Strength, and an affiliated consultant with TNG, LLC.

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  • Faculty/Instructor Classroom Management
  • Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) Practices
  • Threat Assessment on Campus
  • Campus Ecology/Campus Climate Assessment
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Critical Incident Response for Student Affairs Staff
  • Student Organization Risk Reduction
  • Fostering Relationships with Campus Law Enforcement
  • Male Advocacy Against Sexual Violence
  • Customer Service
  • Housing & Residence Life Administration
  • Mediation

To book a consultation, please contact Megan Birster, Director of Client Development, at 610-993-0229, ext. 1015.

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