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Erica Woodley, M.S.

Erica Woodley is an Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs & Assistant Dean of Students at Tulane University in New Orleans. During her time at Tulane, she has also served as an Area Director and the Director of Residence Life within Housing and Residence Life. She led the student evacuation team during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and helped set up a call center for displaced students, faculty, and staff in Houston, Texas in the immediate aftermath. She was actively involved in the recovery efforts within Housing and Residence at Tulane after their campus sustained damage in 95 percent of the residential buildings. Ms. Woodley was integral in the creation of the case management program at Tulane as well as the Student Resources and Support Services department that she oversees, which encompasses the main case management function for the university and an Office of Violence Prevention and Support Services. She has created the policies and procedures that guide the practice of case management and the identification, support, and documentation of high risk students at Tulane. Additionally, she established and currently chairs the Tulane University Behavioral Intervention Team.

Miss Woodley’s area of expertise is largely centered around case management, and include working with parents through case management, coaching as a compliment to case management,  developing relationships on campus and in the community, preventing burn out,  and creating case management programs/retrofitting existing resources using the case management model to ensure proper student follow-up.  Miss Woodley’s broad practical experience allows her to apply the realities of student affairs to these areas. Additionally, Miss Woodley has expertise in the area of crisis response/processes for care and hurricane/disaster planning for residence life.

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